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Investments Advice
  OpWestAcct, Jun 16 2011

If I wanted to start from scratch and learn as much as possible about investing - how should I begin? Also any helpful tips on this journey would be greatly appreciated.

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Learning Acoustic
  OpWestAcct, Apr 27 2011

I am completely brand new. I just learned the notes (high e, b, g, d, a, low e) and now am working on chords. If anyone has any advice or help they would like to offer please do so via whatever. Thanks.

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  OpWestAcct, Feb 24 2011

After a 100k hand downswing and not being able to link more than two winning sessions together since Dec 1st I'm done with online. Roll is gone and I'm out. Not a big deal as last year this same exact thing happened to me and I came back in July and ran it back up. However, I don't know if a comeback is in order since I am completely discouraged to ever begin playing online again. FTP has once again left me dumbfounded after a session. The odds of what has happened to me day in and day out over the past 100k hands is too much for me to fathom and I can't subject myself to this nonsense anymore.

Why do I have to live in fucking Texas where casinos are banned. Ugh. I couldn't even survive till my $250 bonus in 1.1k FTP points.

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